4 Investment Strategies For 2021

Planning investment strategies for 2021? What are the market trends for this year and how to earn a good extra income?

It is worth highlighting that one of the biggest secrets of those who achieve their dream of financial independence involves smart investments and sources of extra income.

If you want to maximize your income throughout the year, check out this content for 4 types of investments that are on the rise in the market and that should be very successful in 2021.


According to data from B3, the number of individual investors on the Brazilian Stock Exchange has grown significantly in recent years.


Considering only the last year (2020), the growth recorded was 87.20%. With this, the number of active investors on B3 already exceeds 3.3 million.

With an ever-increasing number of investors, there was Guatemala Mobile Number List also growth in the financial volume  traded on the Stock Exchange, which reached no less than R$6.45 trillion in 2020, a growth of 71% compared to the previous year.

For 2021, analysts and investors expect even faster growth in the stock market.

Therefore, we cannot deny that this type of asset appears among one of the best investment strategies for 2021. Of course, as long as the investor applies their resources intelligently, always based on data and analysis.

Real Estate Funds

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The real estate fund asset class is among those that were most successful in 2021, and is also a trend for 2021 and subsequent years.

Those who invest in this type of financial market asset expect to obtain a monthly return, originating Original Review from the sale or rental of properties, without having to negotiate the properties themselves.

Have you ever thought about being one of the owners of shopping centers, commercial buildings, logistics warehouses, among other properties and receiving a monthly remuneration, a kind of rent, for this reason?

This is exactly what those who invest in real estate funds are looking for. Real estate funds invest investors’ resources in real estate and, in return, pay monthly dividends to their members.

Cool, isn’t it? Without a doubt, an excellent opportunity for extra income and one of the best investment strategies for 2021.

If you followed the financial news over the past year, you saw that there was a lot of talk about the famous cryptocurrencies , including Bitcoin, but also some others.

There’s no denying that 2020 was definitely the year of cryptocurrencies. Many people entered this market, while those who were already investing in it made a lot of money.

The main cryptocurrencies on the market have seen strong appreciation over. The past year and may continue to grow in 2021.

It is worth noting that, since this is a high-risk investment, one cannot be absolutely certain of the next steps for this type of asset. However, what is known is that more and more people are investing in cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, it is believed that there will be a new growth cycle for cryptocurrencies, making this type of asset one of the best investment strategies for 2021 in the view of many analysts, influencers and financial market enthusiasts.


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