Advanced Features in Google Ads: Data Exclusion

What are Google Ads data exclusions?


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For example, let’s imagine that a client changes the website Bulgaria Mobile Number List   and we haven’t entered the conversion codes, or that we are measuring incorrectly in different landing pages. However, we can use data exclusions to prevent this period of no registration from affecting the smart strategies of the campaigns. These accidents happen in our profession… and more than once.

Data exclusion in Google Ads: when to do it
Smart bidding campaigns rely on machine learning based on collected data to make predictions on how to automatically optimize towards conversion or conversion value. Therefore, it is essential to have the right data to help the system do its job well.

Some of the most common issues with conversion tracking are those that result in conversions or conversion values ​​being recorded incorrectly. This can mainly be caused by tagging issues or website service outages.

Best practices when using data exclusions

When using this feature, please keep the following points in mind:

Data exclusions are used to tell the system not Orginal Review to take into account the performance of X period. Smart Bidding takes into account the performance of the last 15-30 days for optimization, if we exclude for example the last week it will focus on 21 days ago, ignoring the last 7.
Exclude days before conversions occurred : If there is usually a delay between when customers click on an ad and when they complete the conversion, you should extend the exclusion period to the dates before the issue with conversion tracking occurred. That is, if you noticed that conversion tracking stopped working correctly on Monday, and you fixed it the next day, it would be a good idea to exclude data from the weekend. Remember, Google Ads does not attribute by conversion time, but by click time by default .
Data exclusions for Smart Bidding are available for Search, Display, Shopping, and Peak Performance campaigns. These exclusions are at the account level, and you can also choose the specific campaign.
How to make data exclusions in Google
After so much information about this Google Ads feature… We still need to know how we can do it within the platform. For this, we leave you here a support link on how to use exclusions .

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