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Checklist Before Publishing Your Article

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Checklist Before Publishing Your Article

Ever wondered how professional bloggers produce articles?

Why are their articles so attractive and easy to get on the first page of search engines?

Do they have a certain way or procedure?

Yes, they do.

In this article I will share an important checklist before publishing the article

Insyaa Allah, if you follow everything listed in this Latest Mailing Database checklist, it will help you reduce many mistakes and ensure that every effort is worthwhile.

Are you ready? Come on.

1. Does the article already have a really interesting title?
If your title is not attractive, then the risk of the article not being read is high.

Just like you ignore a book that doesn’t have an attractive cover, people will also ignore an article with a bland title.

Before publishing the article, make sure that your article really has an interesting and emotional title.

interesting title before publishing the article
Provocative title isn’t it? It works to get people interested in reading. That’s why the title of the article is the most important element.
The title is the most important thing in the production of blog articles.

If your headline is weak (even if your article is good), then it will rarely attract people to read it.

We live in an age of abundant information , so readers will only be attracted to things that really interest them .

By creating a convincing and detailed title, you will make people feel your article and make them want to check it out.

Pro tips find out 11 formulas for writing interesting and proven effective headlines

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2. Make sure your SEO title is under 60 characters
Blog article titles are not the same as SEO titles.

SEO titles usually appear in SERPs and they must Orginal Review not exceed 60 characters in length.


Because otherwise, Google and other search engines will truncate your title to something like this:

blog article title
An example that occurs in Google search results if the title exceeds 60 characters, it will be truncated..
That’s why I just make the length of my SEO title accurate. In some cases, the original title of the actual article is different from the SEO title. For example this article.