How Does The Hybrid Work Model Work?

Home office has probably never been talked about as much as during the pandemic. Now, do you know how the hybrid work model works? That’s what our article will cover! According to the People Management in the Covid-19 Crisis Survey, a study conducted by the Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA), 46% of companies in the country have adopted home office. This increase in remote work in companies was essential for the implementation of the hybrid work model to become the ideal work schedule in 2021.

What are the main working models?

However, before we talk about the hybrid work model, it is worth checking out the main work models
adopted by companies and their impacts.

In-person work model

The in-person work model underwent major changes with the arrival of the coronavirus. Social isolation was the main reason for the decline of this model last year. As a result, companies had to reinvent themselves during the crisis and the move from the office to the home was adopted by a large portion of employers.


Remote work model

However, companies (such as D’Gitais) that were already adopting the remote work model in their workdays obtained positive results with home office.

Therefore, the remote model has yielded good results and promises to Pakistan Mobile Number List remain popular even after the end of the pandemic . But without leaving behind the benefits of in-person work.

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Want to know how? Check out the hybrid work model, the newest trend in 2021!


What is the hybrid work model?

This work format is based on the best of both worlds, that is, the fusion Original Review of the advantages of home office and office.

Just as working from home guarantees greater productivity, the office enhances teamwork through interpersonal relationships, do you agree?

To this end, the hybrid work model offers the possibility for employees to work a few days at the company headquarters and also directly from home in the same week.

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