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How We Can Apply For A Denmark Green Card

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How We Can Apply For A Denmark Green Card

Danish Green Card: Denmark’s factor based totally Immigration scheme

The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Denmark welcome professional experts against Points primarily based immigration systems. Denmark Green card holders get a 3-year house allow for the reason of looking for paintings, and finally dwelling and working, in Denmark. A house and denmark email providers paintings allow beneath the Green card scheme is issued on the premise of an character evaluation the usage of an immigration point device designed to assess the probability that the applicant can be capable of find certified work in Denmark. Points are given for educational level, language abilties, paintings revel in, adaptability, and age. Program gives bonus factors to the immigrant candidates who’ve worked in EU or have earned European instructional qualification. Only candidates whose occupations are in scarcity in Denmark and are stated in the tremendous listing can apply for Danish Green Card.

denmark email providers Immigration Denmark Green Card- Accompanying spouse and children

If you preserve a permit beneath the Denmark Green card scheme, your spouse, registered partner or cohabiting associate, as well as any kids below the age of 18 who’re dwelling at home with you, also are eligible for residence lets in. Your circle of relatives participants must be able to support themselves and also you have to stay collectively in Denmark on the equal address. Your partner, registered partner or cohabiting associate is allowed to work full-time for the entire period his or her allow is legitimate. denmark email providers

Immigration Denmark Green card – Duration

A residence allow underneath the Green card scheme can be granted for up to a few years with a possibility for extension of up to 4 years. Your residence permit can handiest be granted or extended up to a few months before your passport expires. This approach that if your passport expires in one year, you could simplest be granted a permit for nine months, or your permit can handiest be prolonged by means of nine months.

Immigration- Denmark Green Card Extension denmark email providers

Your house allow may be prolonged by using 4 years if you have worked for the past twelve months for a minimum of ten hours according to week. Your residence permit may be prolonged by using twelve months if you have lost your process through no fault of your very own (e.G. Because of cutbacks) no greater than 3 months before making use of for an extension, and if prior to this, you labored for 12 months for at the very least ten hours in keeping with week.

denmark email providers

Denmark Green Card- processing delays denmark email providers

Denmark green card includes a processing postpone of 30-60 days from the date of submitting the entire software with all required documents. An application for a Denmark Green card residence allow is considered whole if the Immigration Service does no longer need to request CIRIUS – a body underneath the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation – to evaluate the applicant’s educational stage. CIRIUS is usually requested to assess an utility if an applicant who attended a overseas instructional institution has not covered a CIRIUS evaluation as a denmark email providers part of the application. Once CIRIUS has furnished its assessment, the application may be taken into consideration whole and processed within one month. The Immigration Service will inform candidates whose programs were despatched to CIRIUS for review.