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Important Keys In Maximizing Creativity

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Important Keys In Maximizing Creativity

There is a problem when we try to be creative and productive:

When we try to be more productive, then it is harder for us to be creative..
… and when you do something creatively, we often tend to be unproductive.
We have to choose one.

Or outright unable to achieve both at all.

How can we make these two things move in parallel together?

What is the real difference between creativity and productivity In simple language

Productivity is wanting to get things done quickly.

Productive people want to get from point Phone Number List A to point B by the straightest and shortest route possible.

Productive people complete each of their tasks in a systematic manner.

They measure and make continuous progress towards the goals they want to achieve.

They efficiently use time effectively.

Creativity is not.

They are more likely to slow down.

It is more likely to detour from point A to point B so that it can pass through points C, D and E and find where it can go again.

Creative people need time and space to grow. They are difficult to move systematically.

They prefer to find new knowledge and explore it (doing experiments, looking at other possibilities.. before getting a real decision)

Productivity starts with careful planning ahead.

It has determined where to go and how best to get there.

Whereas, creativity starts from the journey of our subconscious mind .

He doesn’t know where he’s been and he doesn’t even know when he started.

It only starts the journey and the destination is determined once it is already on the way

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Productivity is more modular. It uses things that are Orginal Review already available to build new projects.

Creativity, on the other hand, is more interested in starting from scratch, because it wants to re-explore what it may have missed in previous times.

Productivity will ignore the last 5% of perfection to produce more items.

Creativity, on the other hand, will be dying to complete the last 5% above all else, because the other 95% is already perfect.

I don’t think I need to explain, you see what I want to say here.

Productivity and creativity seem like opposites.