Understand what storytelling is once and for all

Do you know what storytelling is and how this practice can be a great ally. For your brand on social media. First, understand that storytelling is the art of using scriptwriter and writer. Techniques to make writing captivating, that is, transforming. Messages into something that catches the attention of readers.Unique content creates connection, identification and stirs. The audience’s emotions. On social media, this is a resource capable of enchanting. And engaging the audience, which makes the profile. Stand out among so many others and humanizes the brand .

What is storytelling in brand identification?

Christian Salmon explains in the Belgium Phone Number Data book ‘Storytelling: The Machine for Fabricating Stories and Formatting Minds’ that “people do not buy products, but the stories that these products represent. They also do not buy brands, but the myths and archetypes that the brand symbolizes”.The author’s reflection shows us the importance of generating this identification between target audience and brand, and points to storytelling as a good way to achieve these objectives.

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For him, the main elements of a well-told story are:

A strong character who goes through Orginal Review a journey and the challenge that motivates him
It is important to highlight that as the content on social networks is more dynamic, the resource can be applied in a more simplified way.Storytelling engages users with posts made on social media. (Photo: Buro Millennial/Pexels)A good example of the use of storytelling is the #ShowUs campaign carried out by the Dove brand in 2019, which lasted about a year.


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