What is a persona and how to apply it

It is nothing more than a fictional character that represents a company’s ideal customer. This figure is created in digital marketing with the aim of creating. A real connection between the brand and the consumer.The persona must be based on data and characteristics. Of real customers or real people who are expected to become customers.It portrays the particularities, way of thinking and acting. Desires, pains, challenges and victories of a real person. Complexities of the human being that are not limited to the place of residence. Income bracket or age, which are raised by the target audience.

Target Audience and Persona

You can think of a persona as a Kuwait Phone Number Data narrowing of the target audience , that is, a market segmentation methodology.It was with the digital acceleration that professionals realized that simply discovering the target audience is not enough. This is because, for example, within the same group of women, in the same age range and living in the same city, there may be women with completely different habits, preferences and lifestyles.

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Persona in Content Marketing

Among the aspects raised, the persona Orginal Review must also portray digital habits, as well as which social networks they usually use to learn about brands, interact with friends or connect with family, for example.It is necessary to understand how the persona behaves on social media. (Photo: Pixabay)Once the persona has been established, the mapping process for generating content on social media begins . Its main uses include.

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