Pros and cons of Standard Shopping

Standard Shopping vs PMAX

Which is better? Which option should we choose for our account? In previous posts we have focused on the novelty of PMAX campaigns , today we will focus on the other type, standard Shopping campaigns, and their pros and cons.

Campaign control
The main advantage of standard Shopping campaigns Ecuador Mobile Number List  is the control we have over them. We can manually control bids, although we can also work with automated bidding strategies such as tROAS or Maximize clicks . Using manual CPC, we can adjust the bid for both product sets and individual products based on the specific results of each product or product set. PMAX campaigns only allow the configuration of automatic bids .

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In addition to bids, this campaign allows us to view search terms and add negative keywords . This way we can filter out terms for which we don’t want our ads to appear and gain insight into terms that are performing better. This is interesting, as we can have PMAX campaigns that are performing very well, but are limited to capturing conversions through brand searches.

Another way to control standard shopping

Campaigns is to make adjustments by device and Orginal Review  audience, and schedule ads by day and time . If we know that our eCommerce is not profitable on Saturday afternoons, for example, we can make a bid adjustment for that time. Similarly, if we do not want to be displayed on mobile devices, this type of campaign will allow us to do so.


These manual methods of controlling campaigns are not possible in PMAX campaigns. These campaigns use machine learning, so the system decides whether to show our ad more on mobile devices than on computers, for example.

Learning time

In contrast, if we have standard campaigns with manual bidding, these will require more time and attention to manage . And in addition, in certain cases we do not have all the information that Google has about our clients or future clients to best optimize the campaigns.

One of the main differences between PMAX and Standard Shopping is the placements/times in which the ads will be shown.

Ultimately, if you want to have control and all the information about the campaign, you should use Standard Shopping campaigns. If you already have an account with enough history and knowledge, PMAX campaigns will save you a lot of time and effort.

Do you apply all these recommendations to your campaigns? If you need to give your account a boost to get the most out of your eCommerce/product promotions, don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact form . We’ll be happy to help!

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