Henry Jenkins’ theory in digital marketing

Media Convergence or Convergence Theory is a concept developed by American. Researcher Henry Jenkins in 2006. It reflects on the transformations in society made possible by technological. Development and the simultaneous use of various types of media.The first to speak about the subject was Ithiel de Solla Poll, in the 1980s. At the time, the scholar pointed out that a process, which could be called convergence. Was eroding the boundaries between the means of communication and their uses.

Convergence Theory

Convergence culture addresses various Russia Phone Number Data aspects of society. And the flow of content across multiple platforms.  That the more types of media coexist with a given purpose, the more harmonious the message becomes.She thinks about the culture present between media and people. Where the way of using a certain technological support ends up converging into one. The fact is that we increasingly live with different types.

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Collective intelligence :

When a certain #hahtag is among the Orginal Review first on Twitter, several people discuss the same subject and together they have an increase in intellectual capacity.Transmedia An example is a television report edited differently to be published on the same broadcaster’s Facebook page.

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