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Retiring As Expats in Cuenca, Ecuador – First Days of Our New South American Lives

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Retiring As Expats in Cuenca, Ecuador – First Days of Our New South American Lives

Like many married couples, Fred and I have make several radical adjustments in our lives while wanted. Some adjustments have been made under duress, and others ecuador cell phone numbers just obviously befell. Now we were going through a brand new opportunity for way of life alternate, this time due to high retirement prices (in consideration of our small retirement handbag strings).

We have been not on my own, after losing maximum of our financial savings when the inventory marketplace crashed. Because I turned into the chief investor, and felt responsible about what I must have completed, I did now not need to take on the brought horrifying chore of reinvesting what turned ecuador cell phone numbers into left of our retirement account. We had to do some thing considerably distinct, instead of handing back our money to Wall Street.

Why do not we simply circulate to somewhere else in the world that is less costly? We might not want as a lot cash if we try this – I requested Fred. We both love journey and exploring different cultures, so the concept of expat living sounded ecuador cell phone numbers quite properly.

I talk some Spanish and have continually been inquisitive about South America, so this beyond August, we packed seven suitcases, typically with garments and crucial papers, our laptop bags, caged the dog and cat and flew away to join several thousand other infant boomers inside the current expat hot spot – Cuenca Ecuador,a mid-sized city with cobblestone streets, old-world cathedrals, colonial structure, lush parks and 4 urban rivers with trekking trails along greenways. Cuencanos take pleasure in their wealthy history of artists, writers, poets and philosophers — perhaps numbering more than another Ecuadorian metropolis. This city turned into ecuador cell phone numbers our first desire, after investigating numerous others.

It might be a big alternate for us, moving to this point from domestic, away from our son and his family..But this decision has grew to become out to be the satisfactory one we have ever made together.

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When we first arrived in Cuenca we did now not recognize it’d be the town’s coldest time of the yr; it was specially chillyat night and not much hotter all through the day. We were dwelling in a captivating condo without warmness (the manner they do matters right here in Ecuador) set alongside the Tomebamba ecuador cell phone numbers River, a stunning fast-flowing stream that runs thru this town, separating the ancient and modern districts, and subsequently flowing into the Amazon River. (One of the reasons we chose Cuenca became because of its herbal beauty, with four rivers going for walks thru it.)

But it was bloodless, and we have been now not pretty geared up for this! At this time of the yr, night time temperatures normally drop to about 46 ranges F. And when you ecuador cell phone numbers have no warmth in a cement and stone constructing, well — you may consider

So we stacked on piles of thick blankets supplied with the aid of our apartment manager and often stayed below the covers for our first week in Cuenca, tightly cuddling our pets’ bodies, the use of them for our convenience. When the thick clouds lifted and the sun in the end appeared, we crawled out ecuador cell phone numbers of bed and discovered we each had inflamed knees from separate falls we took on the airport (Fred) and at t