Sports segmentation

Sports segmentation

Nike has been able to use segmentation very well in its marketing strategy. Even though its target audience is athletes, the brand is well aware that within the world of sport there is a whole universe. 

That’s why Nike targets each Qatar Phone Number Data sport individually so that its campaigns are more targeted and effective: 

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The best Nike commercials

All of Nike’s marketing comes Original Review together in its commercials. In fact, it’s no secret that the brand’s strength lies in advertising. Pay attention to the following commercials: 

Spoiler Alert: You’re probably feeling nostalgic when you see some of these Nike ads. 

1. Michael Jordan and Spike Lee – It’s Gotta be the Shoes Commercial

An ad that stood out from the competition. Spike Lee and Michael Jordan made a very special duet. Spike Lee’s sometimes “ridiculous” performance brought out the most human and funny side of Michael Jordan. 

The black and white tone of this ad immediately stood out from the competition and was a huge hit when promoting the already popular Air Jordans. 

2. Play Pretty 

This ad showcases the iconic Brazilian style: Joga Bonito. And featuring none other than the Brazilian football team most loved by fans back in 2006. It brings together big stars like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos. 

The ad shows how the Brazilian team prepares before going out to play. And it shows that for these players, football is more than a profession: it is a life passion. 

3. Michael Jordan 1996

Behind the success of the Air Jordan and the relationship between Michael Jordan and Nike lies a story that should never have happened. 

Nike was able to spot Jordan’s potential before he became a famous NBA player. It was something “new” because brands usually sponsored athletes who already had a certain level of recognition. 

And everything was a hit. 

From there, the rest is history. The relationship between the athlete and the brand became so strong that four decades later it remains the same. 

This short ad shows us why Jordan is one of Nike’s favorites.

4. The Cage or The Secret Tournament

Considered by many to be the best football commercial in history, this ad is part of a campaign that Nike launched during the 2002 FIFA World Cup. The commercial featured 24 well-known football players such as: Figo, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Thuram, Ronaldinho, etc. 

The legendary ad describes a fictional tournament called Scorpion KO , in which two 3×3 teams play inside a cage. It is an ad that brings back a lot of nostalgia for the golden age of football. 

5. Mamba Forever

Mamba Forever is a tribute to one of the great basketball stars: Kobe Bryant , after his death along with his daughter and the other crew members of the helicopter. 

On the right side, the word “forever” remains fixed and throughout the clip, phrases are built around Kobe: his titles, awards, his role as a father and husband, and in general, as a basketball legend. 

The ad premiered before his funeral in Los Angeles. 

6. The Toughest Athletes

This is a commercial that connects very well with athlete mothers . The core of the message is that motherhood is not an impediment for a woman to surpass herself and give her best. 

This advertisement is inspired by what Nike has been promoting for a few years: if you have a body, you are an athlete. 

Look how inspiring the words in this ad are: 

“- Can you be an athlete? 

– You, who are pregnant. 

– You, who are a mother.

– It depends… 

– What is an athlete? 

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