The Best Nike Ads Marketing Strategies

Then stay tuned to the end. We’ll present you with Nike’s best marketing strategies to inspire your own brand. 

Finally, we will leave you with some Nike Ads that capture the essence of Nike to serve as inspiration. 

Ready? Let’s get started! 

The Best Nike Ads Marketing Strategies

1. Advertising

Advertising is Nike’s most successful strategy and the one that has stood out the most for almost its entire existence. Its ads are characterized by a dramatic narrative that is usually related to the struggle for excellence, self-improvement and greatness. 

The quality of the narrative, together with the audiovisual quality, allow Nike to connect emotionally with its consumers. Nike ads are inspiring and emotional. 

Another key factor has been the inclusion of renowned figures in its advertising, especially from the sports world: Michael Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lebron James, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho, etc. are some names we can mention. 

Added to this is the fact that in Korea Phone Number Data recent years advertising has been launched through social networks, which increases the connection that the brand has with its consumers.  

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Branding is a central strategy for Original Review Nike: the brand seeks to establish itself in the minds of its consumers . In addition, the idea of ​​personal growth and empowerment are a fundamental part of its message. 

That’s why Nike ads always feature athletes challenging themselves to overcome their own limits. This is the main message behind the iconic slogan “Just do it”. 

Nike is able to produce all this motivation and associate it with its brand: without even mentioning its products or overexploiting its iconic logo. Its consumers know very well when it is a Nike advertisement. 

3. Market knowledge

Nike understands its target audience very well. From the very beginning, its founders knew very well what their consumers needed from their products, with Philip Knight being an athlete and Bill Bowerman being his coach. 

A brand that remains so fresh over the years must have a fairly extensive market study. And it is for this very reason that Nike knows how to connect with its audience.

In addition, Nike is constantly adding value to its brand. 

For example, Nike understood that athletes often listen to music on their mobile devices while exercising. So in 2010, it created an iPhone app that allowed users to measure their performance and share their progress on social networks. 

Currently, there are two apps: Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club , where you can track your training and receive guidance from the Nike community. 

4. Innovation

Another key aspect of Nike has been its innovation. In 1979 it introduced cushioning into its footwear ; in 1987 it launched the Air Max in which the shoes include two bags of compressed air to absorb the impact during jumping and walking. 

In 2006, he created the Nike + iPod Sports Kid so runners could measure their distance and speed. 

Their marketing strategy is to offer athletes a complete experience with their sports goods. 

5. Storytelling

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