The Long SEO Curve, the Magical Consultant, and the Pessimist

This post is not really a post, it’s more of a story. A story that sums up almost a hundred stories and clients. Successes and failures, which help you understand exactly what SEO is, what it’s for, how it works, and why your online business depends so much on it . Going from 1,000 to 20,000 organic visits is possible in many cases. But it takes time, skill, patience and mutual learning, between client and consultant. Oh, and it’s a job that will never be finished. The alternative? Is to believe in magic…

What is this SEO thing even for?

Well, I’ve heard this question Lebanon Mobile Number List dozens of times. I usually start by answering with the less technical part. It ‘s used to make money with your website! Search Engine Optimization is nothing more than optimizing a website so that it appears in search results for certain keywords, more or less compound. These are not merely technical and semantic tasks, it also involves creating valuable content , creating links, etc.

Organic traffic (via search engine searches) is vitally important for your business, and don’t think that it comes simply by having a website. An unoptimized website is an invisible website . And appearing on the first page of results… well, that’s where the money is.



If you need some more initial tips, here are 2 articles that should help you understand if you are on the right track:

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7 Search Engine Optimization Myths to Abandon in 2015

Tips for Search Engine Optimization of Your Pages [Infographic]
The idea I’ve always had is that the Original Review general feeling is that all of this is easy and quick to implement. The question remains, if it’s easy, why do only a small percentage of sites succeed?

In reality, it is not a manager who has to be an expert in optimization or know all the new features and technical details. It is the consultant you choose who has to share and educate, allowing the manager to focus on his business, while understanding the need and functionality of Google optimization.

Immediate Results in SEO. Possible or Impossible?
I could be politically correct, or I could be an incorrigible optimist. I will be neither. The truth is that correct optimization has some almost immediate impact, but to talk about positive results it takes much more, and much more time. Immediate results… do not exist. But allow me to highlight the following: Falling in the search engine rankings (due to inaction or mistakes) can happen very quickly, rising can take a long time. The recovery is always longer and more complex than the fall .

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