Why is my ad not showing on Google?

We often receive messages like: “Why is my ad not showing?”, “My ad is not showing on Google, why could this be?”, “How do I display ads on Google?”, “My Google Ads ad is not printing”, etc…

How do you know your ads aren’t showing? Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t printing. There are many options that even if you don’t see them, your ads are running normally.

Here’s the best summary of why your ad may not be running

Examples of why ads are not showing on Oman Mobile Number List Google and how to fix it
Are you printing the campaign?
From the Google Ads home page, select today’s and yesterday’s dates and check the “impressions” metric to ensure that your ads are actually not showing.

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How do I know if my ad is showing on Google Ads?
Do you have a valid and validated payment method?
My ad has no impressions
If you don’t have any alerts in the Notifications tab, go to Tools & Settings > Billing > Overview > Payment Methods . In the Payment Methods tab you will be able to see the selected payment method and its status.

My ad has no impressions

Do you have a campaign, ad group and ads created, approved and active?
To check if your ads are not showing because you do not have campaigns, ad groups or ads enabled, follow these steps: From the main Google Ads view, go to All campaigns > Campaigns, once in the campaign view, activate the “campaign status > enabled” filter , this way it will show us all the enabled campaigns.


My ad has no impressions

If the campaign in question is active, we proceed to Orginal Review  review the ad groups of the campaign, from the view of All campaigns > Campaigns > “desired campaign” > Ad groups. As in the previous step, we activate the filter “ad group status > ‘ enabled’ ” this way only the enabled ad groups will appear, if we want the paused ones to appear, we change the filter condition to enabled/paused.

Ad group status in google ads
Along the same lines, we proceed to check the ads. To access these, go to the “ads and resources” tab from the view in the previous step All campaigns > Campaigns > “desired campaign” > Ad groups > ads and resources. Filter by enabled ads. If none appear, change the filter to enabled/paused. If none appear, create one.

What network is the campaign you want to use?

From the main view of Google Ads > All Campaigns > Campaigns > “desired campaign” > Keywords.

In the case of a DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) campaign, we use URLs, which also have to be enabled. To check their status, follow these steps: All campaigns > Campaigns > “desired campaign” > dynamic ad targets > (again) dynamic ad targets.

As with campaign checking, we use the “status of enabled keywords” filter.

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