The administrator with all information necessary

Make it difficult to withdraw consent – avoid such assumptions in the system that require clicking through the submitted form, obligatory answering a few additional questions (in this context, the financial penalty imposed by the decision of the President of the UODO on ClickQuickNow is of great importance) remember that consent should be revoked in the same easy way as it was expressed and possible using the same means electronically by clicking checkboxes.

The storage of personal data provides

Ensure that the system functionalities allow for the anonymization/deletion of data processed on the basis of consent, if it has whatsapp mobile number list been revoked (unless you have other data processing purposes) if you have other data processing purposes – check if the system functionalities allow you to delete/anonymise those data that were adequate for processing as long as there was consent, but are no longer necessary for another existing purpose (age or year of birth – adequate during sending marketing messages.

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Union or Member State law requires

Collected from customers in the case of creating. And further maintaining a customer account, so it should not. Be further process in order EU Email List to maintain this account. I You collect several consents, consider such system functionalities tha. Ensure that all consent or only. One or several of them are revok. Unsubscribe page ” with a summary of the current. Status of all consents given, a list of all consents displayed. In the customer’s account will not mislea the customer if only one consent or a specific consent is revoke.

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